Does the cost of your business health insurance ever make you feel left in the dark?

You are not being told how the game is being played. How can you win when the deck is stacked against you with misaligned incentives? Here's why:

How can you win the game when you don't know the rules?

When you know the rules of the insurance game like we do, you can do something about it!

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With the right approach, you can not only protect your employees' well-being, but also experience significant savings. Try out our savings calculator to learn the estimated amount you could be saving with the Benefits Insider approach.

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About Benefits Insider

Benefits Insider is a unique process through Hotchkiss Insurance developed to offer employer sponsored healthcare that aims to lower costs, offer competitive benefits, and help attract talent. We’ve helped companies save millions of dollars while still providing excellent care options to their employees.

As an employee benefits insurance broker and one of the largest privately owned agencies in Texas, Hotchkiss Insurance is uniquely positioned to leverage a depth of resources and strong carrier relationships with a dedicated, nimble team to deliver employee benefits coverage at the highest level to our clients.

Other benefits services include employee benefits consulting and administration, plan sponsor support, compliance advice and resources, financial reporting and analytics, custom communications, wellness programming, and other specialized solutions tailored to support your organization.