Every Step Matters: Ladder Safety Resources

March is National Ladder Safety Month! Ladders are essential for many industries, but they can also be risky.

In fact, in the United States more than 500,000 people are treated – and more than 300 people die – each year from ladder-related injuries. Plus, the estimated annual cost of ladder injuries in the United States is a staggering $24 billion, including work loss, medical, legal, liability, and pain and suffering expenses.

Top Five Most Common Ladder Mistakes People Make:

  1. Ladder is not the right size for the job
  2. Ladder is not on level ground
  3. Lack of three points of contact
  4. Overreaching while on the ladder
  5. Missing the last step of the ladder when climbing down

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Ladder Safety Resources:

While recognizing the hazard ladders present in the workplace is critical, it's also important to equip your team with the education and resources they need. We're happy to share some resources to support your safety strategy, prevent falls and keep your team safe.

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