Landscaping Business Insurance

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No matter if you’re starting a small landscaping business by yourself or own a large Wholesale Plant Nursery, a Comprehensive Insurance Plan or insurance for landscapers is highly recommended. Not only are you and your employees exposed to risks from the job itself, but the very nature of the job exposes you to the risk of 3rd party claims. So, let us figure out the plan that best suits your needs so you can focus on creating the perfect backyard oasis.

Do I Need Lawn Mower Insurance?

Perhaps the most important reason for lawn care professionals to have insurance is the potential for injuries and property damage from equipment like lawnmowers; in those instances, a General Liability policy will probably suffice. Some clients may even require a general liability policy before booking your services, but we offer several services that might be beneficial to your landscaping business.

  • Property Damage - Whether a lawnmower throws a rock through a window or a tree-trimming goes horribly wrong, having the right general liability insurance for landscaping means you’re covered.

  • Personal Injury - If that rock or falling tree limb hits the customer or bystander, our Landscaping Liability Insurance will help take care of the associated medical bills. However, you will need workers’ compensation coverage if the injury involves your employee.

  • Workers’ Compensation - If your employee gets injured or becomes ill while on the job, our workers’ compensation policy will help cover the associated medical and hospital bills.

  • Commercial Vehicle Coverage - A standard automobile insurance policy does not cover your work truck. We have the commercial policy you need, from small utility trailers to oversized dump trucks.

  • Business Equipment Protection - Commercial lawn care equipment can be costly. Let us customize a plan to protect that investment.

  • Inventory/Crops - Whether you are a nursery or a commercial plant grower, damage to your inventory can be devastating. We can create a policy to mitigate the risk of losing anything from your Christmas tree farm to your summer Farmer’s Market vegetables.

How Much Will Landscaping Insurance Cost Me?

Too many variables need to be defined before an accurate estimate can be given. For example, if you specialize in commercial landscaping, you will need different coverage than a commercial sod farm. Here at Hotchkiss Insurance, our skilled insurance professionals will work to find the policy that best fits your needs so you can focus on growing your business.

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