Restaurant Insurance Programs for Chains and Multiple Locations

You might not realize it, but the upscale steak house you want to open comes with many risks. Likewise, there are many reasons you may want to think about restaurant insurance and its programs. Kitchen hazards alone include sharp knives and equipment failure mixed together with a dash of burn and slip worries. Customers will have allergy concerns, and food can spoil, but a food service insurance policy from Hotchkiss Insurance can protect you from these and other unforeseen circumstances.

Who Needs Insurance for Restaurant Business?

Restaurant Insurance needs to be an integral part of your business plan. If you cook food for customers, then you need adequate coverage. These are just a few of the businesses that should have restaurant insurance:

  • Fine Dining

  • Family Style Restaurants

  • Fast Food Franchises

  • Multi-Unit Restaurants

  • Franchise Development

  • Bars

While not an exhaustive list, it shows just a few non-traditional businesses that should have coverage. If you are not sure what coverages you need, talk to one of our Hotchkiss Insurance specialists, and we’ll create a plan for your unique needs.

Insurance for Restaurant Cost?

As with most plans, the cost of your small business restaurant insurance will depend on several factors. These factors include the structure to be insured, number of employees, the type of food you sell, etc. For example, a large upscale restaurant with industrial kitchen equipment and high-end furnishings may require different coverage than a fast-food franchise.

What Kind of Restaurant Insurance Programs Should I Get?

  • Business Owners Insurance - A typical insurance policy that may bundle liability insurance with commercial building insurance.

  • General Liability - While not required by law, general liability insurance can help cover items like property damage, medical expenses due to customer injury, or illness caused by food.

  • Liquor Liability - If your business sells, serves, or distributes alcohol, this policy is a must. It can help protect you in the event of personal injury or property damage stemming from an intoxicated individual who purchased the alcohol from your business.

  • Worker’s Compensation - A policy to protect employees from injuries and illness in the workplace.

Let’s talk about your specific needs because you may want to add Commercial Auto Insurance or even an Umbrella policy. We’ll put together the plan that keeps you protected so that you can focus on your mouth-watering food.

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