Winter Weather Resources

Winter Weather Resource Roundup

As winter weather approaches and temperatures drop, we’d like to share a few resources to help you stay safe and protect your business. Be reminded of how to prepare for winter storms, prevent cold temperature-related health problems, and protect yourself and your employees during all stages of a winter storm.

    Winter Weather Resources to Keep You and Your Employees Safe:

    Be prepared with these tips for protecting your home and staying safe during a freeze.

    Supporting You Every Step of the Way:

    As a Hotchkiss client, as always, your dedicated claims team stands ready to support you and advocate on your behalf should a claim arise.

    Three Ways for Hotchkiss Clients to Report a Claim:

    1. Submit your claim via Hotchkiss on Demand. login.hotchkissondemand.com

    2. Fill out the claims form on the Hotchkiss Insurance website.

    3. Call a member of your Hotchkiss Team:
    Houston/San Antonio: 800-899-9810
    Dallas/Fort Worth: 800-899-3750

    After You File a Claim:

    A few general tips and best practices to keep in mind after you've contacted us about a claim.

    • Take pictures or video of any damage to your property.
    • Make temporary or minor repairs to prevent further damage.
    • Keep receipts and records of payment.
    • Do not begin making permanent repairs until you and Hotchkiss Insurance have communicated about your damage.
    • Maintain contact with Hotchkiss Insurance about your claim; this helps ensure it is resolved quickly.
    • Be wary of out-of-state contractors who show up at your door unexpectedly.

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