May the Fourth be with You: Beneficial Uses of Holograms

What if you could be in multiple places at once or duplicate yourself and teleport to another location in another dimension? Well, I have good news. You can with holograms! Although some may think holograms are just for science fiction and movies, they are actually being used today in a variety of ways. Below are a few industries utilizing holograms to gain a competitive edge.

Industries Utilizing Holograms for a Competitive Edge

  • Entertainment: The music and movie making industries have applied holograms as an important part of their presentations. An example is the Japanese singer, Hatsune Miku, who opened for Lady Gaga in 2014. Other examples are famously shown in Star Wars, Red Dwarf, and Star Trek movies.
  • Marketing & Advertising: Just this past holiday season, the Mall of America utilized a holographic elf by the name of Ellie to welcome and assist their customers locate in store items. As online shopping trends continue to popularize, companies incorporate holographic displays as a mean to attract more shoppers and stand out from the competition.
  • Banking & Government: It may come as a surprise to you but passports, some credit cards, and most driver’s licenses use holograms to combat against forgery. The Singapore University of Technology and Design created holographic color prints to better secure important documents. As a result, it is even more difficult to forge these documents; therefore; increasing security.
  • Trade Shows: In 2018 at the Toronto Convention Centre, the CUTA (Canadian Urban Transit Association) offered a 3D holographic presentation through the use of their holographic projector. By using a Holotube, full size holographic individuals are able to make an appearance to market their products.
  • Construction: HoloLens utilize holograms to overlay on actual space in order for viewers to visualize the environment with the added object. An example of its versatility, the Gilbane Building Company was able to save $5,000 in labor costs. By utilizing the HoloLens, senior manager, John Myers, was able to identify that the steel frames on the original design were too long, consequently saving time and money. Currently on the market is the HoloLens 2 which is a hard hat designed to assist workers at construction sites to stay safe.
  • Healthcare: Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool plans to use 3D holograms in the operating room for critical heart surgeries. EchoPixel’s True 3D software allows tissues and organs to be converted to a 3D holographic image through the use of 3D glasses. As a result, physicians are better equipped when conducting surgeries and diagnosing diseases.
  • Education: One of my favorite ways holograms are being used is preserving the past to educate the future. The Shoah Foundation at the University of Southern California is one entity implementing holograms to preserve history. Eighteen interactive testimonies of Holocaust survivors have been recorded allowing individuals to converse with the survivors through voice command videos. In September 2019, the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum will be available to view these three-dimensional images as a result of the construction of a special theater.

The following usages of holograms may be beneficial for your company.

  • Training: Utilizing Holotube may be an effective method to keep the audience’s attention during company training.
  • Travel Cost: Holographic technology can allow you to be in two places at once through virtual meetings which can cut the cost associated with traveling (i.e. flights, rental vehicle, hotels, and meals).
  • Loss control: As HoloLens are being used to decrease jobsite injuries, companies are able to decrease the number claims. This ultimately affects a company’s loss ratio which then impacts insurance premiums.
  • Marketing Strategy: A competitive advantage may be gained through the use of holograms.

Potential drawbacks:

  • Cost: The initial cost may be more than what companies are willing to spend.
  • Reliability: Products are still emerging so glitches may be encountered.

Although holograms were used a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, holograms are making their way to our galaxy. Knowing the current trends allow you to emerge as a leader rather than a follower in technology. In addition, this keeps your company relevant in this ever-changing environment. May the force be with you.

Author: Abigail Jenkins has worked in the insurance industry for almost 10 years. She has achieved numerous professional designations including Associate in General Insurance (AINS), Associate in Claims (AIC), Charted Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), and is currently pursuing her Certified Insurance Counselor designation. She has worked both on the agency and carrier side which has provided her with working knowledge of risk management as well as claims handling experience.

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